Hypebeast Spaces: Hing Yeung of HKST's Ebell Theatre Loft 6 years ago

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Tucked away within the richly archaic Ebell Theatre in Long Beach, California is a large, vaulted duplex -- wildly colorful, yet elegantly minimal. The space is occupied by one Hing Yeung, creative director of creative agency Hong Kong Stunt Team (HKST). The space -- simply referred to as the Ebell Theatre Loft -- serves as a nice compliment for the mind behind notable projects with Lego, Volkswagen, and even Vans. The confluence of European and Asian motifs are carefully curated to create a sense of tranquility, while still featuring notable memorabilia from Yeung's past. From its old, poured concrete shapes to its custom, worn leather furniture, to the sense of play evoked by the blocks-styled kitchen, Yeung's loft is certainly a place of marvel and wonder. Here Hypebeast takes a guided tour through the place for the latest edition of Spaces.

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