How To Do Instagram Influencer Marketing For Beginners - Drop Shipping On Shopify {{2018}} 6 months ago

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How to do Shopify Instagram Influencer Marketing For Beginners - Dropshipping On Shopify

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Instagram Influencer Marketing For Beginners - Dropshipping On Shopify 2018 Version [get responses from influencers]

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Welcome back to the Shopify DropShipping series. Ready to talk about Instragram Influencer Marketing? Stay put and check out these strategies.

A recent study showed that Instagram Influencer Marketing for Shopify Dropshipping has a stunning 1-7 ratio. What exactly does that mean?

That means everytime a Shopify store is featured on an Instagram page you get $7 back for 1$ you spend. So it’s no wonder Instagram Influencer Marketing for Shopify is so important in your dropshipping business.

So how exactly do you go about Instagram Influencer Marketing? Well, it’s actually quite simple. In this video, “how to do Instagram Influencer Marketing For Beginners Dropshipping On Shopify” Ruan will be going over how he is currently getting a 100% response rate from influencers in his niche.

When you’re doing Shopify dropshipping it is important that you get a niche because then Influencer Marketing on Instagram will become very easy.

In the video, we even cover a template you can use to start reaching Instagram Influence Marketing prospects to increase your dropshipping Shopify business.

The tools we use in the video are:

Socialblade lets you quickly check the stats on a given Instagram page so you can filter out if the Instagram Influencer you’re reaching out to ever bought their followers.

So once you reach out to your Instagram influencer, use this as a structure for your outreach:

- Compliment their instagram page
- Tell them why you are messaging them
- Ask them if they do paid shouts

Also before you ever do any Instagram Influencer Outreach for your drop shipping Shopify business, make sure you are in the same niche and have a wonderful Instagram page with good content to promote.

No Instagram influencer is going to what to market your Shopify dropshipping product if they see your content sucks.

Keep updated content on your Instagram page and make sure your Shopify store loos professional to increase your chance of response.

Instagram Influencer Marketing for beginners should be really easy to do and now that you have the outreach templates we use, go out and kill it.

Ruan M. Marinho

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