10 Powerful Business Lessons From Chanakya Neeti with Interesting Stories & Facts 1 year ago

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Do you remember the Chanakya TV Serial telecasted on Doordarshan? The TV serial was based on the life of Chanakya. In this video we have explained the ten important Chanakya Neetis’ with their implications in Business and Corporate World. These ten principles are explained with beautiful stories which will inspire you to be a successful businessperson. The ten principles explained in the video are:-
1. Never use foul language.
2. Goodwill is more important.
3. One Should Not Be Too Honest As The Straight Trees Are Cut First In The Forest.
4. Never share your secrets with anybody. It will destroy you
5. Stay away from depressed & sad people.
6. The world’s biggest power is youth and the beauty of a woman.
7. Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous
8. "An egoist can be won over by being respected, a crazy person can be won over by allowing him to behave in an insane manner and a wise person can be won over by truth.
9. Behind every friendship, there is some self-interest.
10. He who gives up shyness in monetary dealings, in acquiring knowledge, in eating and in business, lives a happy life