How Did Uber Start? The Birth of Travis Kalanick & Garrett Camp's Uber 2 years ago

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The Birth of Uber -- How an Idea turned into a multibillion dollar company that torched the taxi industry (Mini Documentary)

This is the 1st Video of a 3-part series on Uber. So don't forget to stay tuned for more !

The series in based on the book -- Upstarts by Brad Stone --

How did uber start?

In this mini documentary we tell the story of how two men - Travis Kalanick & Garrett Camp - turned a lifestyle idea to a billion dollar company.

Believe it or not, The Birth Of Uber was inspired by a James Bond movie. Garrett Camp was growing increasingly frustrated with San Francisco's Taxi service and decided to do something about it. After a few brainstorming sessions and some persuasion, he was able to get cofounder Travis Kallanick onboard. UberCab was born. The initial Uber MVP wasn’t much to look at. It was simple and proved the concept - but little did they know that it was the start of something great.

This mini documentary tells us the history of uber: starting with it’s co founders - Travis Kallanik and Garrett Camp, the birth of Uber’s minimum viable product and the tweet that hired their first CEO - Ryan Graves.


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